STEAM Education Course in English (6 -9 years old)

STEAM in English (6-9 years old)
course with Part Education
at Πρᾶξις de poetica

14th of February until 3rd of April
Friday 17:00 -19:00

STEAM means:
Question like a Scientist
Design like a Techy
Build like an Engineer
Create like an Artist
Deduce like a Mathematician

Participants are introduced to a topic for a project; they explore the topic, ask questions, solve problems, and make new things with STEAM subjects.
All lessons are given in English so participants have English immersion and discover the language through activities. Workshops are suitable for all levels of English.

Senior Teacher at PART EDUCATION
BA, Art and Psychology, University of Reading

Interested in developmental psychology and art education. She has worked with children and young people in the USA, Europe, China and the UK, in a range of settings, including educational programs in cultural centres, summer camps and weekly English lessons. Flo’s focus is to develop innovation, creativity and 21st century skills in participants.

Senior Teacher at PART EDUCATION
BA, Art and Psychology, University of Reading

Whilst at University, Myra helped design STEAM based workshops for children in the South of England. She went on to produce and provide educational programs for museums in London. Myra moved to Athens in November 2018 and now works as an English teacher. When she came to Athens she became aware of the lack of creative and innovative learning. Myra’s focus is for children to be learning producers, not just consumers.

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